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I understand that West Texans value respect, honesty and competency above all things.   That is why I endeavor to treat all my clients with respect and understanding and always try to remember that to you, your case is the most important case I need to defend.

From the occasional run in with the law yourself, or by a son or daughter or other family member, these events require an experienced attorney who understands the system.


In the event of family disputes, divorce, the death of a loved one whose estate may need probating to custody issues, or creating a will, you and your family want to ensure you are protected and retain what you have worked hard for.


When it comes time to purchase farmland or real estate,  or negotiate an oil and gas lease, you need an experienced attorney to handle these matters.


I understand the needs of West Texas families, and am proud to have been entrusted with their legal needs and concerns over the past 30 years.



Charles S. Chambers,

Attorney At Law

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